Thursday, February 19, 2009

facebook made me do it II

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okay. so i did five of these the other day whilst at work eating my lunch. i'm going to finish them all today as i am currently sitting in a hospital waiting for my boy to finish his neuropsychology exam. consequently, i have an extensive amount of time to "goof off" on the internet (the good natured folks at unc hospitals understand the importance of WIRELESS.)

19. as children, heather and i were a part of "Odyssey of the Mind". this is a group of supposed "gifted" children who solve problems and present them with creative skits. our group from good ol' lakenheath, england won its championship and headed all the way to des moines, iowa for the international championships. we thought we were hot snot. (we didn't win there, but i do have a large collection of pins from different places all over the world SOMEWHERE)
18. i spent the majority of my high school experience waiting for college, studying for college--- when i finally got there i was beside myself. carolina proud but not carolina driven. i didn't appreciate it, and over-worked myself with an almost full time job and two internships and blew off studying. ONE of my biggest regrets. i never fully committed to anything because i juggled so much; i made it that way so i wouldn't have to? (big scaredy cat.)
17. i weighed 3 pounds 9 ounces at birth. heather weighed 3 pounds 3 ounces. apparently i was a greedy hungry baby that almost made her sister die (she really almost did-- yay heather on this earth!).
16. in the womb "baby a" was mistaken for a boy. i was supposed to be a boy. surprise! (might be illuminate #5 more)
15. i feel unsettled if the dishes aren't done, if the bed isn't made, or i haven't swept the kitchen. i think it's catholic guilt + neat freak. (notice i didn't say clean freak. i may be neat but i am by no means the CLEANEST)
14. the warmth of my cat's small little body nestled between the frog-like angle of my legs in the middle of the night makes me more happy than one could possibly imagine.
13. i loathe condensation dripping on my bare legs. if i am in a good mood, it almost ruins it. i equally hate when you place a capped item (such as aveeno brightening scrub) in the shower and water collects in the cap and drips on you or the floor when you pull it out to use at the bathroom sink.
12. as a child, i would play calculator games with heather. we would time ourselves to see who could get the highest number the quickest. it was a stupid game, but the reason we (well, for sure i) enjoyed it was because i loved the sound and feel of mashing those buttons. it is likely while i still enjoy the calculator today despite my poor math skills, and also why i can spend hours upon hours happily typing at the computer, or why i love the clack of a typewriter soooooooooo. i just can't get enough of that sound.
11. i was a vegetarian and had a dream about eating a hamburger and threw in the towel. i had a bug juicy one at SPANKY'S. my dad welcomed me back to the meat-eating world with loving arms. sometimes i miss the constraints of such a diet.
10. i dream of work in the dying publishing field. silly, right?
9. my job has involved and revealed the world of local politics to me in a way that stomps on my eternal optimistic views and renders me pretty devoid of faith in our current governmental system at all. (and this is the best we've come up with?) silly task forces and snarky mayors.
8. i never thought i would end up BACK in fayetteville. here i am, and i am pretty happy.
7. i consider myself a film aficionado. i'm not sure i can say this without having seen: the godfather, scarface, west side story, annie hall, and citizen kane. kali and shannon can fill you in on other great or at least important-to-film movies i have missed.
6. i really miss working at starbucks. i do like the independent coffee shops out there. i guess maybe working at starbies was the zenith of my college career-- it was where i created my home... and man, i just miss that.
5. i check out females more than i do males-- and i'm not a lesbian. my mom is likely to disagree with this, but it is entirely true. i really admire the girls out there strutting their stuff with their own personalities reflected in their eclectic wardrobes.
4. even as a child i thought i was fat. i was a skinny kid, i just had one of those round bellies. talk about skewed body image.
3. the most creative halloween costume i've ever had was a dead prom queen and a zombie bride. i typically go as a cat. how boring. i love halloween. where's my creative spirit?
2. i'm not artistic in the slightest but won a coloring contest as a child. heather (who is the artistic one) was upset and got a barbie because she whined and all i got was a stupid stuffed pumpkin that didn't even have fur i could pick off.
1. okay. yeah. i do this weird thing where i roll "fur" between my fingers. i pick the material from stuffed animals, blankets, sweaters, coats and just roll it between my fingers. it relaxes me. i don't even think about it and am amazed after a movie to see a pile of fluff balls on the floor. i still sleep with my little foot (that i've had since i was six) so i can do that very thing. as a toddler i had a bear that i "exposed" because of my creepy little habit. toddler holding naked bear was a creepish site, i imagine. i apologize to all those who've had to pick up random little balls after me my whole life.

so yeah, that is it. interesting, right? (p-shah) a weird collection of things that don't actually tie together all that well. :/

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